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The Top Step with Rich Waltz

Back in May, Steve Miller and I interviewed Dave Jageler, the radio voice of the Washington Nationals.  If you would like to listen to our interview with him, you can listen by clicking here. When we finished our interview with Dave, Steve had arranged an interview with Rich Waltz, one of the two TV commentators for the Miami Marlins.  As I was reviewing my past posts, I realized that I had neglected to make a post of my own including the interview.  Steve posted it on his site and as a matter of convenience I thought it would be a good idea to finally post it on mine. So please enjoy listening to our interview with Rich Waltz. Also, be sure to watch the exclusive additional footage of a discussion from the Red Porch, which can also be found below. We are doing our best to feature more guests and post new podcasts in the near future!

Once again, thank you to Rich for joining us on the show!

The Top Step: Little League vs Travel Baseball

Check out our newest podcast discussing youth baseball!

The Top Step

David Mendell wrote an article in the Washington Post in May about the effects travel baseball teams have on community and little league baseball teams. Paul and I talked with local little league veterans, John and Maria Lagana, about what they have noticed in youth baseball in the Virginia/DC area.

The Washington Post article mentioned is HERE.

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The Top Step with Dave Jageler

In an attempt to get our podcast off the ground, I thought it would be a good idea to bring on our show some bigger names. Steve and I were planning to attend the Nationals game this past Wednesday, so I thought we should contact some members of the media and see if any of them will agree to come on our show with us. I figured we might as well give it a shot, but I was not necessarily expecting much of a response. So when Dave Jageler, the play-by-play radio commentator for the Washington Nationals, responded to me on Twitter and said he would like to record an episode with us, to say that I was ecstatic is quite the understatement.

Steve also was very successful in his contacting endeavors. Steve was able to set up an interview with Rich Waltz, the TV commentator for the Miami Marlins. We had trouble believing that these interviews were actually going to take place and we knew these could help our podcast tremendously.

A picture with Dave Jageler after our podcast

A picture with Dave Jageler after our podcast

In this post, I have included our podcast with Dave Jageler. As a Nationals fan, this was an incredible experience for me, and one that I surely will not forget for a long, long time.

(Just to clear it up, there are two Marlins players as the first picture in the podcast because they are on THE TOP STEP of the dugout)

We would like to thank Dave very much for agreeing to come on to the show with us, and for the friendly usher who helped with our seating for the interview. We hope you enjoy it!

Look for a post tomorrow including the podcast with Rich Waltz, or if you would like to check it out now, click HERE.

Debuting “The Top Step” Podcast

A few months ago, I had the idea that a very good friend of mine and I should start recording a podcast. I felt we both knew such a vast amount of information about baseball that we could find and share unique stories which people would find interesting. This week, we brought the idea to fruition, and recorded our first ever podcast, which we titled “The Top Step.”

The goal of the podcast is simple: Talk about unique and fascinating topics which are not previously exhausted by major media outlets while also commenting our thoughts on some of the larger stories of the day; things you would talk about on the top step of the dugout. For those of you who have played baseball, you know that you find yourself talkig about a wide range of things in the dugout, often things others may not know about while also talking about the big stories of the day. That is what we hope to accomplish with this podcast, “The Top Step.”

This friend of mine is Steve Miller, who you may have heard of already. Steve writes a widely popular and very successful MLBlog entitled Fish Fry. It focuses on the Miami Marlins as the name suggests, but as a resident of Northern Virginia like myself, he also frequently covers happenings of the Nationals. His blog has been ranked in the Top 100 for MLBlogs the last three years and he has continued to climb the rankings this year.

You can find the link to his post regarding this podcast here: The Top Step: Dissecting Baseball’s Borders

On a personal note, Steve and I play together on our high school’s baseball team. He is our centerfielder, and my ERA owes Steve gratitude beyond words for not being higher than it already is. While this season was not as successful as we hoped it would be, he and I became very close friends over the course of the year and decided we wanted to make our podcast a reality.

Steve sent me an email with a link included to a map showing what parts of the United States are fans of which MLB teams. We were both intrigued by the diversity of the map, and decided this would be the perfect, unique way to debut our podcast. I have included a link to the map below so that while you listen to what we talk about, you can have a visual reference for our discussion.

As this pertains to human geography, we decided it would be beneficial to feature our high school’s Human Geography teacher to capture any comments she might have regarding the map.

Here is the link to the map we will be discussing, as well as the article written along with it. Like I said above, you may find it useful to follow along with the map as we talk about the various regions.

Without further ado, here is the podcast, uploaded as a YouTube video. We hope you all enjoy it!

Also, special thanks to Ms. Boyle for agreeing to be included. Steve and I hope to record podcasts whenever we can and whenever we have enough interesting information to share. We appreciate comments and questions, so be sure to leave some!

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Thank you for listening!