Harper’s Helping Hashtag: Face of MLB Contest Renders Push-ups

Last week I made a deal with the Twitter universe, in a deal I explained in my last post which can be found here. Basically, I would do one push-up for every retweet I got on a tweet helping Bryce Harper win the Face of MLB contest. Sadly, he lost. However, I am a man of my word and my push-ups loomed.

Without further ado, here is the much-anticipated video. I must say, it is worth watching the whole thing. As a disclaimer it is not entirely push-ups. There had to be some excitement, right? Nats fans especially will want to be sure to watch until the very end, where there is a clip which we all remember like it was yesterday. I hope you enjoy!

Mr. Harper, if somehow you come across this video, I enjoyed every last push-up. Thank you for everything you do for the Washington Nationals. Go get ’em this year.



  1. Tracy Anselmi

    Impressed with the push ups as I lost count. Great piece and I’ll pull for the Nats against everyone except my beloved Giants and Astros

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