Face of MLB Contest and Many Push-Ups

Over the past few weeks, Major League Baseball has been conducting a “Face of MLB” contest. The bracket can be found by clicking on those words. Basically the way it works is that every weekday, fans take to Twitter to vote for the player they choose using a hashtag for the player’s name and then #FaceofMLB. For example, a tweet may be as simple as this: “#BryceHarper #FaceofMLB” Each tweet with both hastags included count as a vote, and each Twitter account is allowed 25 votes per day.

Today it is the Nationals turn to show their Natitude by voting for Bryce Harper. You can vote for him by including #BryceHarper and #FaceofMLB in a tweet.

Earlier, I tweeted a simple tweet which I did not think would become very widespread. Boy was I wrong.

The Nationals official Twitter account retweeted it, and it took off. As you can see, it has over 200 retweets, including ones from Matt’s Bats and The Nationals Archive.

I am a man of my word, and I promise I will do every push-up. As visual proof, I will post a video right here on my site within the coming days so everyone can see. I guess I better start stretching now.

Voting for Bryce is open until 8 AM tomorrow morning, so keep those votes coming Nats fans!


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